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Protect The Coast PNW

Protect The Coast PNW is a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting coastal ocean ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest from all forms of offshore energy development.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest wilderness on the planet, home to millions of species. Life is most abundant near the shore: undersea reefs, kelp forests, seabirds, and whale migrations. Yet from Northern California to Alaska, the coast of the Pacific Northwest is increasingly threatened by industrial-scale offshore energy projects.

Scientists, environmentalists, Native American tribes, fishermen, and everyday people who love the ocean are coming together to oppose these projects. Protect The Coast PNW is a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the Earth’s oceans and saving fish, whales, seabirds, marine mammals, and other forms of life by stopping offshore energy projects. We use education and community organizing to help people fall in love with the ocean and take action to protect it.

The Earth’s oceans are vast but fragile. They are already heavily impacted by industry, global warming, historic overfishing, and ocean acidification. Offshore energy development is yet another assault on the integrity of these ecosystems. As people who love the oceans and recognize that global warming is a crisis, we oppose offshore oil drilling and “green energy” projects like offshore wind. Both are major threats to the oceans.

Offshore energy plans for our region are just getting started, but permits are being issued. Now is the time to stand up and protect the Pacific Ocean. We hope you will join us!